Environment, Health & Safety

At LTSSHF, we take an integrated approach towards Environment Health and Safety (EHS), based on various National & International standards. This helps us to achieve our goal of going beyond the legal compliance.


We use Competency Monitoring and Behavior Based Safety methodology to bring the culture of safety into every aspect of operation.


We meet the highest norms for environment management at our facility:

  • Highly efficient Fume Extraction Systems
  • Zero Liquid Discharge - 100 % Recycling of treated effluent & 100 % Reusing of treated sewage
  • Advanced technologies for Pollution Control – including UF & RO Based Effluent Treatment Plant and SBR based Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Robust Environmental Monitoring System - Online Monitoring System for Ambient Air Quality and Stack Monitoring
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Usage of Green fuel (Natural Gas)
  • Wealth out of waste (Converting waste into reusable form)
  • More than 33% Green Belt Area


Safety: OHSAS 18001: 2007

Environment: ISO 14001: 2004

We have been awarded IGBC's LEED INDIA PLATINUM RATING for our buildings that use less water, optimize use of energy, conserve natural resources and provide healthier work environment, as compared to conventional buildings.